We come from different backgrounds and different parts of the planet, but met up in our adopted home at the time, Thailand, where we both have lived and worked for the better part of a decade. Sharing a passion for off the beaten path travel and an aversion to the fast paced immediate gratification society that we see gaining more speed every day, we decided to set off for a worldwide adventure, combining places of great natural beauty, traditional cultures, and staying away from planes, buses, and automobiles as much as possible, travelling slowly and on foot to get a glimpse of a rapidly vanishing less traveled world.

Dave Stamboulis

Dave Stamboulis was born in Greece, and started travelling from the minute he boarded a ship bound for the U.S. as a toddler. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has since called New Mexico, Bellingham, Washington, Japan, and Nepal home. He has now lived in Bangkok, Thailand, for more than ten years.

Dave spent seven years riding a bicycle 45,000 kilometres around the world, a trip that solidified his passion for being a global nomad, as well as completely changing his life. His subsequent book about the journey, Odysseus’ Last Stand , won the silver medal prize for Travel Book of the Year from the Society of American Travel Writers in 2006, which launched his career as a professional photographer and travel writer.

Since then, Dave has worked as a writer and photographer for Fodor’s guidebooks, as the Bangkok ‘expert’ for USA Today’s 10Best website, and as the Thailand photographer for Trip Advisor’s oyster.com. His travel photos have been published by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Conde Nast Traveller, Wanderlust, and Travel & Leisure, to name but a few, and his travel stories and photos have appeared in countless magazines and other publications around the globe.

While no longer much of a long distance bike tourist or mountaineer, Dave still seeks long distance adventures on foot in remote mountain regions of the world, as well as being a passionate cook, craft beer lover, and frequent watcher of arthouse film.

Raquel Mogado

Raquel Mogado was born and raised in the northern Philippines. A lover of nature & adventure, her first exposure to nature was at a very young age, chasing fireflies, whitewater rafting, and her first trek was in the rice paddies in her small village in the far north of the Philippines. Since then, she looks for the less traveled places including treks in the Dolomites, the Himalayas, and on some of Hong Kong’s long distance trails.

Raquel is also a self-taught artist, and has had her paintings exhibited in the Philippines and in Bangkok. Having an artistic eye, she started taking photos to document her travels. Check out her photos on Alamy.com